• ‧ PINNACLEMED was founded in 2006.
  • ‧ This company is owned by Mr. Vincent Liu and other shareholders.


  • ‧ PINNACLEMED currently have 10 employees: 5 sales persons,1 service technician and 4 logistic staff.
  • ‧ A horizontal organization structure is used for effective communication and responsive decision making.
  • ‧ The main office is located in Taipei and two divisions are in Taichung and Kaohsiung, in order to satisfy local marketing activities and customer needs.

Current Operation

  • ‧ PINNACLEMED operates independently in every area.
  • ‧ A product management group is assigned to conduct various marketing management activities.
  • ‧ An exclusive sales team provides direct services and communication to customers, without going through wholesalers and dealers.
  • ‧ Sales representatives’ expertise is constantly kept up to date by continuous training.
  • ‧ Professional promotion is emphasized. We participate in national and international symposia, and hold workshop or invited foreign guest speaker.
  • ‧ PINNACLEMED prepare sales forecast and order placement on a regular basis.
  • ‧ A well-organized warehousing system is established. The principle of “First-in-First-out” is adopted.
  • ‧ PINNACLEMED keep frequent contacts with local corresponding partners and world headquarters.

Our Mission

PINNACLEMED has been in the business of medical equipment and supply distribution in Taiwan for a few years. We have established a strong sales network over the years, and are well known for our expertise and dedication to customers. We wish to continue our success by focusing on any innovative and advanced technology product lines for unmet medical demands in the future.