Nov. 07

Meet the Masters of Renaissance at NASS

Visit our booth for a chance to speak to Renaissance surgeons and learn how Mazor Robotics technology has benefited their practice:


Dr. Yulin Chou // Taiwan (周毓霖 醫師)

Dr. Neville Alleyne // San Diego, Calif.

Dr. Samuel Bederman // Irvine, Calif.

Dr. Andrew Cannestra // Jacksonville, Fla.

Dr. Richard Francis // Houston, Texas

Dr. Bert Hoess // The Netherlands

Dr. Zaki Ibrahim // Denver, Colo.

Dr. Michael Leonard // San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Isador Lieberman // Plano, Texas

Dr. George Martin // El Paso, Texas

Dr. Payam Moazzaz // San Diego, Calif.

Dr. Thomas Sweeney // Sarasota, Fla.

Dr. Faissal Zahrawi // Celebration, Fla.