Sopro Comeg 醫療用內視鏡系統

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SOPRO-COMEG proposes a complete range of re-usable, high quality, durable instruments for entry into the peritoneum, the first and most crucial step in successful laparoscopic surgery. A complete range of hand instruments in both monopolar and bipolar electrocautery versions is also available.

SOPRO-COMEG, a company with over 15 years experience in the urology field, offers endoscopes with exceptional optical quality and a complement of instruments which will ease even the most demanding urological procedures including: cystoscopy, recectoscopy and urethrotomy. These products are an integral part of recent technological advancements which improve the diagnosis-treatment process and the level of care that Urologists can now offer to their patients.

In gynecology, hysteroscopy, resectoscopy and other resection procedures are made easier with the SOPRO-COMEG products. Efficiency and clarity are the key words of our gynecologic range.

Sharp images, precision in visualization are possible through the use of our range for arthroscopy ranking from 4.0mm telescopes to the small-joint arthroscopic lines.

Our new SPINAL Endoscopy system allows to treat disc-diseases for many spinal conditions. All types of hernias can be removed in a minimal invasive interlamiar approach, by means of the endoscopic technique. The technique also qualifies for the effective treatment of chronic back-ailments – caused by disc-prolaps or tears. Furthermore, endoscopic treatment of spinal stenosis has increased, in cases with one-sided stenosis.

Our field of activities also includes all areas of the ENT disciplines, whether it is diagnostics or therapy, practice or clinic. We propose rigid endoscopes and accessories necessary for sinuscopy, otoscopy and laryngoscopy. All our instruments are manufactured with the highest quality materials.